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Pregnant moms take a lot of energy in the process of childbirth and raising them, so preparing a healthy and balanced body before pregnancy will help you become a great mother.

The first thing to do is taking vaccines of rubella, chicken pox, influenza vaccine. In addition, mothers should note the nutritional supplements below:

1. Folic acid is important for the development of the fetal brain, skull and spine. These organs are formed in the early months so waiting until pregnancy to add folic acid would be too late. 3 months prior to conception, women have to supplement this nutrient.

When you plan to get pregnant, at least 3 months before you need to add foods that contain folic acid such as dark green vegetables (spinach, spinach, …) nuts, dairy foods, poultry, bananas, watermelon, seafood, etc. Also, take a capsule containing this nutrient as directed by a doctor. This is very important.

Folic acid is a synthetic form of vitamin B and folate, found in natural foods such as: Broccoli, Asparagus, Butter, Bread, Lentil, Orange juice…

2. Iron is a nutrient that needs to be replenished before pregnancy

Women who are going to be pregnant and are pregnant need to get enough 18mg of iron a day. With the amount of iron like this, eating is not enough. We all know that iron deficiency is very dangerous when pregnant, which makes you more susceptible to headaches, dizziness and not absorb nutrients into the body as well as providing nutrients for your baby.

Iron is an important nutrient that needs to be added before pregnancy because it is essential for the production of blood cells. Iron deficiency causes anemia that affects the health of the mother. The anemia also makes the process of supplying oxygen, nutrients for the fetus becomes slow. Therefore, taking iron from the pre-pregnancy stage to prevent iron deficiency and anemia. Iron is found in many popular foods such as vegetables, fish, lean meat, water spinach, … .

To supplement iron in your daily diet, you need to eat the following foods: Cooked spinach, Cereal, Beans, Red meat, Oatmeal, Dried apricots, Plum juice, Molasses…

3. Calcium is an important nutrient for people preparing for pregnancy

Calcium is a nutrient needed to protect the health of the mother’s skeletal system and to form the baby’s bones and teeth, so before becoming pregnant you need to supplement calcium for a healthy skeletal system preparing for the upcoming pregnancy. If the mother body does not have much calcium, fetal growth will be underdeveloped, rickety…, which is very dangerous.

Therefore, in order for the joints to be strong and to meet the calcium requirements during pregnancy, women need to supplement milk and eat more calcium-rich foods such as soybeans, rice, almonds and broccoli.

Calcium deficiency during pregnancy can cause high blood pressure and make you cramped at night.

4. Protein is the essential nutrient for women before pregnancy
Protein is not only an important nutrient contributing to improving the health of a pregnant woman, providing a good basis for the formation and development of the fetus but also a necessary catalyst for the easier and more effective pregnancy. Protein is abundant in meat, fish, eggs, milk, … add these food to the daily diet before and during pregnancy. – Ha Viet

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