Contraception after giving birth

Once your baby is born, moms should need to use one of the most reliable methods of contraception to prevent pregnancy at least one year after birth to recover. There are many contraceptives that you can trust and apply without compromising breastfeeding.

1. Pill: This method is suitable for women who have children who are no longer breastfeeding or women who have not had children. Contraceptive pills are given daily on a blister pack.

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2. Injection: This method is suitable for women who have children or postpartum mothers and breastfeeding mothers. Each time for injection is 3 months. This method usually effects the period cycle.


3. Implants: Use one or two sticks (match size) that contain hormone progesterone to implanted under the skin. Once injected into the skin under the arms, the implants will release the hormone gradually into the muscle. This can cause long lasting effects of contraception up to 3 years.


4. IUD (intrauterine device): IUD is one of the temporary contraceptives, commonly used in developing countries for its simplicity, inexpensive and effect.


5. Condom: This method is common to men because it is easy to use and can prevent pregnancy. In addition, it is possible to prevent sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, hepatitis B, C, syphilis. – Ha Viet

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