8 Proper posture for breastfeeding baby

8 Proper posture for breastfeeding baby

1. Breastfeed on the side

Lie on the side and parallel to my baby. Mother’s hand holds baby’s head and guide the baby to turn to the breast to feed.

With this position, the mother can relax and the baby is comfortable as well.

2. Breastfeed on the arms with cradle shape – same side

Mother sits still and hold the baby in the arms shaping like the firm cradle. Baby lies on the arm which is on the same side as the feeding breast.

3. Breastfeed on the arms with cradle shape – opposite side

This position is the same as above. However, the arm used to hold the baby is at the opposite arm of the feeding breast. This exercise is suitable for mothers who have one prefferd hand, keeping the baby safe when feeding from both breasts.

4. Breastfeed on the back

Mother lays on her back. Should lean back against the wall or had a pillow so the back at an angle of about 45 degrees. At this point the baby is placed on the abdomen and tucked into the breast to feed. The mother does not need to use too much energy to keep her baby.

5. Breastfeed on the back for cesarean case

This posture is applied to the mother who has Caesarean to avoid touching the surgical wound on the abdomen. Mother lays slightly on her back and baby lying counter the direction of the mother.

6. Koala shape

This posture is modeled after the Koala bear when breastfeeding. Mother will use the knee as the fulcrum to hold her baby. Baby and mother sit upright.

7. Keep the ball shape

mother hold the baby like holding a rugby ball. You arms will feel much better with this posture.

8. Twin breastfeeding

If the mother has twins and wants to breastfeed them at the same time, she should definitely applies this posture. In order to keep two babies, a common pad should be used and mother gently lifts the two babies in her arms.

Mother can stick with the most convenient position. But mastering all these positions will help mothers breastfeed more easily, as well as “refresh” this sacred work.

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